Aamic Savahd

Adele Loran

Aeddrin Torrance (girl)

Amethyst Skye

Anders Duke

Andie Virginia

Archer Blaze

Aubriella Kate

August Kade

Avery Liam

Azalea Zita

Barrett Clark

Bexleigh Shay

Blake Chandler

Brann Cross

Britta Catherine

Camille Blair

Charlotte Caffery

Cherish Affinity

Christian Renaude

Cobey Norbert

Cole Redding

Colton Woodrow

Cymphonique Akasysa

Delilah Juliet

Diamond Deana

Don Joseph

Eleanor Renne

Elijah Thorne

Eloise Cecile

Emeral Grace

Faith Joy Marie

Gannon Blayze

Granger Oren

Gregory Knox

Griffin Adance (girl)

Harper Carrie

Henry Ignatius

Isabella Lace

Isla Dylan

Jameson Maddox

Jana Dell

Joella McKinley

Josephine Frances

Juliet Annadele

Kale Wallace

Kalis Zane

Karlyx My’Relle

Katherine Helena

Kellan Taylor

Kimber Ruth

Kolade Rashawn

Leo Hunter

Levi Benton

Liam Sax

Lily Sutton

Louis Hayes

Madden Cole

Marisol Lourdes

Miles Kirby

Nataleigh Reve

Owen Oliver

Paxton Noel

Rayne Trinity

Rhett James Marion

Rodney Zeke

Ryder Brock

Sadie Josephine

Saige Jessa

Scarlett Sayge

Sebastian Achilles

Synnee Kate

Temprincess Adel

Trinton Cobra Jo

Tyler Haven (girl)

Wyman Wolf

Zaila Addele

Comment below with your favorites and see them on an upcoming Favorites poll!  Thanks!

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7 Responses to COLE REDDING & ISABELLA LACE (Louisiana)

  1. k says:

    Elijian Thorne, Granger Oren, Sadie Josephine

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  3. Archer Blaze, Henry Ignatius, Sebastian Achilles, Isabella Lace, Eloise Cecile.

    Some really different names here: Temprincess, and Cymphonique are stand-outs.

  4. Vivica says:

    Cole Redding, Owen Oliver!

  5. MB says:

    Katherine Helena, Levi Benton & Marisol Lourdes.

  6. Amy3 says:

    Anders Duke and Josephine Frances

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