Hello, my name is


Abe Aaron

Alexianah Faye

Alice Wren

Alon Gabrielle

Altair Riljean

Alyce Ryan

Amaya Itzel

Anais Starr

Aria Sage

Ariatna Lynette

Aries Gabriel

Asher Blayne

Barry Lowell

Baya Evelyn

Bayah Blake

Beau Harding

Benedict Travis

Brecken Kenneth

Brekken Simon

Camilla Crystal

Cassidy Amaryllis Rayne

Charlena Mackenzie

Clark Adam

Colton Case

Corie Erin

Dahlia Paige

Dallie Shae

Dylan Margaret

Ember Blythe

Embry Mason

Emelia Dolores

Eric Berdale

Estrella Aslin Maria

Fatima Samantha

Gemma Therese

Georgika Edith

Gideon Urias

Guinevere Josephine

Hunter Blaze

India Grey

Isaac Theofanis

Isla Apsara

Jacob Roan

Jencee Grace

Jeweliet Ava

June Avery

Justin Nikko

Kennic Collyn

Kensley Ilene

Lastyn Kort

Laycee-Journee Mackinzee

Layla Sage

Liam Knight

Lily Bea

Luciatti Angelino

Lukas Wolfgang

Madeline Alden

Madison Monroe

Maria Georgieva

Martin Leto

Maverick Kane

Maximilian Alfred

Neveah Onata

Noelle Scarlett

Nora Blue

Odin Hugh

Olive Irie

Oniix Sa’id

Orion Fox

Presley Grey (boy)

Ralph Lawrence

Rawni Faye

Redden Scott

Renner Ray

Rex Bartholomew

Rivera Bayer Bruno

RJ Edward

Robert Monroe

Robin Eula

Rolee Ryan

Roscoe Leon

Saige Arlene

Samara Judith

Samson Evander

Scarlett Lily

Silias Beaux

Simon Archer

Stryker Anthony

Tanner Layton

Thomas Harding

Trysten JEss

Tucker Banyan

Ty Ander

Vivian MayRuth

Willow Rigby

Winry Fae

Comment below with your favorites and see them on an upcoming Favorites poll!  Thanks!

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11 Responses to INDIA GREY & NORA BLUE

  1. Maximilian Alfred, Rex Bartholomew, and Alice Wren.

  2. mitzi4 says:

    Ariatna Lynette anais starr samara Judith beau Harding and Barry Lowell

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Are these all American? I don’t see the tag. Also…is Madison Monroe a girl or boy?
    My favorites are:
    Alice Wren
    Benedict Travis (sounds like the perfect combination of British and American)
    Dahlia Paige
    Estrella Aslin Maria
    Fatima Samantha
    Gemma Therese (weirdly enough I went to high school with both a Gemma and a Therese…more amazing was that Gemma was an American older than 5)
    Georgika Edith (Never seen Georgika before, but I actually like the sound)
    Gideon Urias (yes!)
    Guinevere Josephine
    India Grey
    Isaac Theofanis (huh – a masculine form of Tiffany / Theophania)
    Jacob Roan
    Lukas Wolfgang
    Maria Georgieva
    Maximilian Alfred (sounds…imperial!)
    Olive Irie
    Ralph Lawrence
    Rex Bartholomew (Bartholomew is especially a favorite of mine)
    Robert Monroe
    Samson Evander
    Simon Archer
    Thomas Harding
    Vivian MayRuth (prefer Vivian May Ruth, though)

  4. k says:

    I see both of my favorites are already mentioned, but a second vote to Isaac Theofanis and Alice Wren.

  5. Amy3 says:

    India Grey, June Avery, Lily Bea (how adorable if she went by both!), Ralph Lawrence, Thomas Harding

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