Agatha Summer

Aliana Kai

Allen Ernest

Amarice Joy

Amelie Mai-Lin

Andie Lee

Andrew Ira

Annabel Karis

Arden Olivia

Auryn Juniper

Bennett Bradley

Blaise Ray

Blazelyn Roxanna

Bonnie Islay

Callie Jordan

Cameron Briar (boy)

Carter Cullen

Cash Oliver

Cora Cindy

Coraline May

Edria Tatiana

Elias George

Ella Wren

Eloise Victoria

Euler Frederick

Everleigh Caroline

Everett Julian

Fable Elaine

Finley Birch

Gabriel Benson

Georgia Bree

Greta Victoria

Greyson Stone

Hailey Dorothy

Hattie Elaine

Hazel Josephine

Hendrix Charles

Isaac Bradford

James Thu

Jax Orion

Jose Mae

Josiah Nathaniel

Judas Nikolai

Julius Jasper

Kennedy Blair

Lawson Douglas

Leah Temperance

Legend Douglas

Lilith Emma

Lilly Harlow

Link Emory

Lyndon Avery

Maddox Parker

Malachi Justice

Marie Sophie

Max Jameson

Melody Thora

Micah Leo

Mitchell Parker

Moriah Joy

Niko Johannes

Odelia Rebecca-Jean

Olive Belle

Peter Jonalwyn

Quinn Crosby

Remy Emil

Rowan Octavian

Salem Melody

Samson Arthur

Savannah Hazel

Scarlett Irene

Sophia Aurelia

Stryder Aaron

Trent Rueben

Wesley Tate

Willow Jade

Wren Love

Wynn Matthew

Zachary Harris

Zane Denton

Zoe Olive

We are going to start doing weekly polls instead of one on every post .  I’ll pick my favorites, but if you want to see your favorites in the polls, comment below with your choices.

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10 Responses to FABLE & FINLEY BIRCH (Colorado)

  1. Girls: Coraline May, Ella Wren, Eloise Victoria, Hazel Josephine

    Boys: Everett Julian, Malachi Justice

  2. Clare says:

    Girls: Annabel Karis, Hazel Josephine (seconding Anna!), Leah Temperance
    Boys: Samson Arthur

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  4. karen says:

    Carter Cullen, Fable Elaine, Niko Johannes,

  5. Azure says:

    Finley Birch, Greyson Stone, Jax Orion, Lyndon Avery, Maddox Parker, Quinn Crosby for boys.

    Arden Olivia, Cora Cindy, Georgia Bree, Leah Temperance, Scarlett Irene for girls.

  6. Kaitlyn says:

    Favorite boy names: Everett Julian and Finley Birch.
    Favorite girl names: Ella Wren, Fable Elaine, and Coraline May.

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