Hello, my name is 


Aasen Elizabeth Michelle

Abay Zhan

Afton Coty

Alice Ida

Almahlea Elizabeth

Aloysius James

Aponi Earleen

Artemis Grey

Basia Jane

Beau Brayden

Breccon Dean

Bryce Harrison

Camila Capri

Channing Malachi

Charlandria Lynn

Charles Elton

Claria Jean

Clarie Elise

Colt Camren

Cora Syndelle

Crew Jacob

Dash Allen

Driver Koen Nash

Dylan Blade

Eli Bane

Eliza Maxine

Elizabeth Mistina

Embree Helen

Emeries Viviana

Emric Lee

Gemma Adair

Gibson Rowdy

Gisellet Lizete

Grace Louann

Hattie Pauline

Hayden Karma Lynn

Heaven Grace

Henley Scheryl Ann

Henry bing

Isaac Sheppard

Isabelle Ivy

Jaydee Lou

JoEllen Darcelle

Jordyn Jamaica

Jude Clinton

June Anita

Kai Celeste

Kaissie Shirbee

Kalem Michael

Kaylsta Athena

Kenner Rian

Kenzie Haze

Kipp Robert

Krista Claire

Lathen Grey

Laurie Jean

Leilani Andrea

Lilith Ivy

Lilyanna Rexley

Livianna Lace

Maddix Mae

Madeleine Francesca Karuna

Marcus Rens

Maxton Kane

Michaelangelo Margarito

Morrison Carter

Moses Maximus

Mycenae Rose

Mydland Francis

Neriah Rosalee

Noella Corrine

Nolan Brock

Olive Harper

Oliver Duncan

Patience Bailey

Presley Aaron

Renlee Rae

Riles Akridge

River Silas

Royal Michael

Ryker Paxton

Saharah Dawn

Saige Ariah

Satcher Russell

Shawna Claire

Shylem Robert

Silas Wilson

Silfido Adan

Slade Cason

Stetson Clay

Susie Anne

Tanner Colt

Tauane Annice

Taven Cru

Timothy Bernie

Tripp Hunter

Vander Harm

Virgil Edward

Vivian Violet-Rose

Willow Lane


We are going to start doing weekly polls instead of one on every post .  I’ll pick my favorites, but if you want to see your favorites in the polls, comment below with your choices.



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10 Responses to GEMMA ADAIR

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  2. Vivica says:

    Oh, good set! Aloysius James, Kenzie Haze (love!), Artemis Grey (boy or girl?), Saige Ariah (even though I do not like the additional letters), Presley Aaron, Moses Maximus, Lilith Ivy, Alice Ida.

  3. silverwolf says:

    LOVE Tripp Hunter sooo cute!!

  4. Amy3 says:

    I like Artemis Grey, Lilith Ivy, Aloysius James, Dash Allen, and Oliver Duncan.

  5. Azure says:

    Kalem Michael, Presley Aaron, Ryker Paxton, Stetson Clay, River Silas for boys

    Lilith Ivy, Olive Harper, June Anita, Camila Capri for girls

  6. Kaitlyn says:

    Gemma Adair is PERFECT! As for the boys, Crew Jacob is so handsome.

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