Hello, my name is

Addison Mabel & Mason Charles

Albert Christopher & Ireland Avery

Aris John & Carolina Elizabeth

Aurora Jean & Wyatt Jennings

Clevon Michael & Victoria Isis

Eleanor Lynn & William Townes

Elias Conrad & Tessa Brynn

Emerson Elise & Thomas Zebedee

Finnian James & Maeve Eleanor

Harrison Scott & Lennon Hope

Henry Blake & Merritt Leigh

Jack Giles & Mary Ella

Jovie Ryann & Lynnox Cole

Kofi Richard & Paikea Maureen

Lena Maddox & Madden Ray

Liam Edward & Mia Mae

London Elhome (boy) & Paris Eloah

Marlin Robert & Serena Belle

Noelle Juliet & Thomas Dean

Vivian Hayes & Wyatt Shepard

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3 Responses to FINNIAN JAMES & MAEVE ELEANOR (boy/girl twins)

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I love Thomas Zebedee by itself but not his sister’s name, Emerson Elise.

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