Hello, my name is

Annabelle Nicholas

Artemus Alan

Asha Carolyn

Asher Thor

Auzalie Dakota

Avani Lee (boy)

Braidian Elan

Brevin Wayne

Brielle Vivia

Cas Anthony

Cash Silas

Cole Addinson

Conrad Anthony

Daisy Milagros

Elise Sara

Evelyn Mick

Faye Pamela

Finley Ellen

Gaia Phaedra

Grant Elder

Hazel Monroe

Helena Beverly

Jonathan Trigg

Josephine Lovey

Judd Dean

Kane Axl

Kazden Cale

Kellan Alverian

Kennan James

Konnie Mildred

Lucy Lavina

Lula Madison

Miley Charlotte

Pamiris Lilliana

Scottlyn Emmarie

Taycer Levin

Whitley Memphis

Xadrian James


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  2. Clare says:

    A vote for Lucy Lavina – I’ve always had a soft spot for Lavina 🙂

  3. mitzi4 says:

    Love auzalie dakota and avani lee for a boy

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