Angus James & Genevieve Marion

Arabella Rose & Maverick Tanner

Atticus Gene & Gwenivere Catherine

Aspen Mary & Emmitt Tharen

Bernadette West & George Goes

Cambree Nell & Case Harlan

Chase Allen & Chance Elise

Claire Hazel & Colby John

Collins Elizabeth & Colton Beck

Emma Alida & Jett Anthony

Evita Lucille & Mark Anthony

Georgie Anne & Kellen McLaine

Hayes Michael & Lillian Patricia

Irelyn Joy & Watson Gabriel

Jack Dalton & Ruby Leigh

Kipton Matthew & Tamryn Faith

Lane York & Railyn Elizabeth

Lydia Sage & Theodore Danger

Michael Perseus & Anastasia Flora Skye

Sawyer Madsen & Violette Mae

Storm Angela & Xavier Duane


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3 Responses to BERNADETTE WEST & GEORGE GOES (twins)

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  2. Clare says:

    Oh, I really like Michael Perseus & Anastasia Flora Skye 🙂

  3. Add my vote for Arabella Rose and Maverick Tanner. It’s like they both stepped out of a old fashioned Western cowboy romance 🙂

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