newspaper 2

Ame Caroline

Amelia Fiore

Amos Kerusso

Annalynn Helen

Anya Elle

Auree Isabell

Ayla Kinder

Baya Lynleigh

Behrett Allen

Bransen Lake

Brinsley Jean

Bryce Dolton

Calvin Crusoe

Devlin Grant

Ella Arlene

Emelia Agnes

Emjay Elizabeth

Emmie Madeline

Ewan David

Gauge Iler

Genevieve Evelyn

Gideon Wiley

Gresham Lee

Henley Fawn

Henry Hines

Hensli Evelyn

Hunter Gordie

Isabella Neva

Jackson Wilden

Jewlina Naomi

Kenzo Riley

Kirkland Levi

Lane Genevieve

Leland King

Lyric Tide

Madigan Roux (boy)

Maeve Rhea

Merari Daniel

Mylie Lane

Nicholas Crispin Lee

Nicola Cherie

Nolan Ezekiel

Paige Presley

Paris Nova Jean

Raven Whitley

Renzie Jade (girl)

Saoirse Violet Lake

Shepherd Benicio

Stella Maris

Theo Walter

Timothy Sullivan

Titus Wellington

Tristan Solis

Zephaniah Frank

Zeth Evan

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6 Responses to AMOS KERUSSO

  1. Elizabeth says:

    You didn’t include Saoirse Violet Lake in the original list…I was slightly confused at first as to why it was in the poll.
    I like…
    Amelia Fiore, Amos Kerusso, Anya Elle, Calvin Crusoe, Ella Arlene, Ewan David, Genevieve Evelyn, Gideon Wiley, Henry Hines, Isabella Neva, Jackson Wilden, Maeve Rhea, Nicholas Crispin Lee, Nolan Ezekiel, Saoirse Violet Lake, Timothy Sullivan, Titus Wellington, and Zephaniah Frank.

  2. Madelyn says:

    Favorite boys are Nicholas Crispin Lee and Shepherd Benicio

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  4. Clare says:

    Theo Walter is another good one. And Titus Wellington goes in the “epic” category, I think.

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