newspaper 2

Addis Lace

Adelynn Aretta

Alaric Oliver

Ashlyn Lovella

Aubree Ione

Azalea Marie

Bentler Ryan

Brina Sophia

Bryceton Kael

Calyx Maxwell

Cattleya Amelia

Chance Anden

Corman James

Cortland Emery

Crimson Arabella

Cyrus Finn

Dorian Kingston

Doward Westen

Ellis Avi (boy)

Estella Noemi

Frankie Joan

Gabby Aleah

Hailey Velvet

Haven Danielle

Hayden Leandro

Haylee Rita

Ida Annaliese

Jasper Dixon

Jesdon Michael

John Eben

Kelton Reece

Koda Robert

Krislyn Renee

Landry Richard

Leo Benedict

Lynette Idella

Maeve Meredith

Margo Marguerite

Miracle Grace

Nila Belle

Noelani Pearl

Oliver Gray

Orion Justice

Riordan Emrys

Rory Tristan

Rowen Caleb

Ryley Miller

Sadie Susanne

Sage Kenna

Shooter Joseph Lee

Topanga Joy

Tarren John

Trent Sterling

Venus Ann

Wyatt Ruel

Xiomara Marie

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7 Responses to MAEVE & MARGO

  1. Amy3 says:

    I also liked Frankie Joan and John Eben.

  2. Azure says:

    Rory Tristan, Calyx Maxwell and Ryley Miller are my favs. Also really like Koda and Landry, but dont like Robert or Richard.

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  4. Madelyn says:

    Margo Marguerite, eh? Two of the same name. Not something I would do, but that is interesting.

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