EDWIN CARL “WIN” (quotes)


Abram Joseph “Abe”

Christopher “Case”

Edwin Carl “Win”

Francesca Taylor “Frannie”

Geneva Katherine “Eva Kate”

Josephine Valentine “Josey”

Katherine Finley “Kate”

Landon Kate “Lake”

Lewis Franklin “Luke”

Lillian Camille “Millie”

Margaret Josephine “Maggie”

Mason Paige “Maci”

Patricia Jeanne “Trisha”

Robert Goodspeed “Bo”

Theodore Victor “Teddy”

Timothy Alan “Beau”

Virginia Elizabeth “Gia”

Wesley “Chance”

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3 Responses to EDWIN CARL “WIN” (quotes)

  1. Azure says:

    I’m conflicted, I like Bo and Case, but hate Robert and Christopher. I just couldn’t bring myself to vote for 2 of the most overused names ever. So I went with Edwin, Lewis and Theodore.

    Lake is cute, but again, Landon on a girl is a no no, so I didnt vote for it. Went with Gia for Virginia

  2. Blue Juniper says:

    Always have to love a Theodore NN Teddy!

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