Hello, my name is


Angel Natalie

Angelo Fischer

Aniston Violet

Aubrey Seraphina

Audi Boyce (boy)

Avel Russell

Ayel Rudil (boy)

Baker Drew

Bannon Alexander

Braylie Violet Isabel

Briggs Warren

Caylou Warren

Colt Trudeau

Crayton Eugene

Daggen Joshua

Danver Ray

Denen James

Esmae Ardith

Esther Eileen

Gauge Magnum

Hattie Jo

Hava Mae

Hunter Darce

Irah Ann

Jacey Ginette

Jameson Iver

Jonathan Merlot

Junior Esse

Kaia Sylvia

Kaison Atlee

Marinique Joy

Milet Franklin

Nova Lenore

Redvin David

Rondyn William

Sephora Ivy

Silvano Alexander

Soleile Joline

Sorrinne Joy

Thatcher Lauren

Thoeny Jo

Wyatt Montgomery

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2 Responses to NOVA LENORE

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  2. VC says:

    Considering that Lauren was a boy’s name and is recognized in Europe as a boy’s name, I think Thatcher Lauren gives a good Gone with the Wind image with a slight European charm. Very Distinguished! Also, I like Silvano Alexander, very masculine, and Silvano means of the forest, so its woodsy, which adds to the names already masculine feel.

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