Hello, my name is

April Ellen

Amber Sama

Aria Estelle

Athence Mikhail (girl)

Atlantica Leigh

Axel Theodore

Ayrian Skye

Belladora Carolyn

Bram Stewart

Brigan Faith

Cavan Lee

Chesney Suzanne

Cord Daniel

Croix McQuade

Dade Rylan

Dastan Gabriel

Dries Myron

Elsie Dode

Eve Edwinna

Gus Steven

Haylah Lori Ann

Hazin Cash

Jack Bruner

Jael Cassidy (girl)

John Trigree

Kalem Elijah

Kelly James

Marrich Ray

Mirika Malynn

Pippa Snow

Rockne Luke

Ruxin William

Sarah Gwendolyn

Sensamia Rose

Shayden Sky (boy)

Sunara Timothy

Teekyn James

Tildyn Vaughn


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5 Responses to PIPPA SNOW

  1. Elizabeth says:

    My favorites are Sarah Gwendolyn, Bram Stewart, and John Trigree, but of the names not in the poll, I also like Belladora Carolyn and April Ellen.

  2. Azure says:

    I voted for Axel, but I dont like any other boy names there. I like Kelly, Croix and Kalem.
    John Trigree is really ugly imo.

    Really like Pippa Snow, but Phillippa Snow would’ve been better imo. So I voted for Aria.

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