• Aaron Monroe
  • Allie Jeanette
  • Ann Hayden
  • Atlie Lane (girl)
  • Bane Aleksander
  • Bendrick Oliver
  • Bentley Chester
  • Chancellor Ray (girl)
  • Eleanor Grayson
  • Heavley Marie
  • Hosea Anson
  • James Ollis
  • Jeb Keith
  • Judson Richard
  • Landry Dylan (girl)
  • Mabrye Leigh
  • Mahongany Allea
  • Noah Rush
  • Omri Abram
  • Peyton Pierre
  • Raley Elizabeth
  • Reeves Herrington
  • Strykar Haze
  • Tucker Nash
  • Vada Marguerite
  • Wrenlee Scott (girl)
  • Zywifeyia Holley


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Of the boys’ names that weren’t in the poll, my favorites are Hosea Anson, James Ollis, and Tucker Nash!

  2. mitzi4 says:

    Loved seeing ann as a first name this is so severely underused

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