Hello, my name is

Adler Patrick Holmes

Ambrus Ada

Archie McCoy

Ashling Margaret

Autumn Amaryllis

Avery Reed (girl)

Avrec Joseph

Brander Rain

Brigyt Sawyer

Camrik Elliott

Carletta Jo

Cottyn Wayne

Coy Holden

Dagny Armida

Delcey Ray (girl)

Eagen Emmett

Elias Aloysius

Elliora Ruth

Emberelle Grace

Enina Ray

Evaro Rose

Estavia LeeAnn

Graydon Lyle

Greenlee Harper

Haven Alexandra

Hennisi Dennis

Io Margaret

Kaden Bear

Kokoa Soleil

Lotson Ryder

Lyrica Rain

Octavius Scott

Rafe Collin

Rikin Steven

Rori Lin

Tasha Alexandria Joy

Taycer Levin

Tucker Berg

Vernon Paul

Zada Caroline


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7 Responses to IO MARGARET

  1. Amy3 says:

    Io, that is so cool!

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  3. Clare says:

    I’m pleased that lots of others like Rafe Collin too!

  4. Catswoof says:

    Lyrica, seriousy?!? Like YES the name does sound pretty but to name your kid after a drug to treat nerve pain is…ugh. I mean the commercials/ads are everywhere!

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