AVRIL DIANA (Australia)

australia 3

Albert Raymond

Alec Ashton

Andrew Soren

Angus William Warwick

Austin Mio

Avalon Mason

Avril Diana

Azaylia Jade

Banjo Paul

Celina Helen

Cassin Sean

Genevieve Laurenn

Georgia Lara

Harry Ambrose

Josiah Gideon

Kai Martin

Lachlan Trent

Layne Kara

Leilani Kristin

Leo Win

Lucia Estelle

Lucy Elsa

Millie Jane

Nina Eve

Orlando Gael Nash

Poppy Joan

Reuben Andried Patrick

Roc Roberts

Roko Ante

Saskia Antoinette Mary

Tilley Jane

Vienna Charlotte

Zahra Jennifer

Zane Christian

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4 Responses to AVRIL DIANA (Australia)

  1. mitzi4 says:

    Love saskia Antoinette mary Celina helen avril Diana not so many nice boys names but quite like reuben

  2. Amy3 says:

    Banjo Paul! That’s great!

  3. Clare says:

    I wish I could have voted for more boys’ names – so many good ones here.

  4. avril Louise Stewart mcfarlane says:

    Don’t see many name’s like avril.-Louise ..or kiarra, – Louise or Kacey-Leigh. …..that’s me and my 2 beautiful grandaughters names. Xx 2 daughters are …kirsty, and katie-Louise. Lol I got the k.k.k.k

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