Hello, my name is

Ace Angel

Adelaide Scarlett

Adler Lloyd

Amelie River

Bayden Michael

Blake Cari

Blythe Bennett (boy)

Brooke Belle

Callie Harper

Calder Greer

Carlisle Dawn

Coalson Kyle

Dana Alan

Darliss Violet

Dusty McCoy

Eloise Loyal

Emory Sage (girl)

Eyer Robert

Forrest Taylor

Guire Patrick

Hayes Katherine

Hazel Bryony

Henley James

Jade Story

Jax Gabriel

Jimmy Alexander

Karma Phoenix

Kelra Mae

Liam Atticus

Liv Riley

Lyric Leslie (boy)

Madix Marshall

Makara Kay

Mary Addison

Maxine Elizabeth

Ness Charles

Oakee Dale

Para Bella

Patricia Jade

Prairie Marie

River Radbourne

Roman Charles

Serone Oliver

Si Daniel

Spencer Kate

Swayzee Ellie May

Tarver Grant

Thain Robert

Tilden Jo (girl)

Woodrow Wilson (!)

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Finally, I see a birth announcement for a Mary! It’s been months, if not a year or more since I’ve seen one…Mary seems a lot more rare these days than it actually is. Normally I dislike Addison, but Mary Addison is distinguished. 🙂
    As to the names that were not on the poll, I do like Woodrow Wilson (the name itself is awesome, disregarding the political connections) and Maxine Elizabeth.
    My favorite names on the poll are Forrest Taylor, Adelaide Scarlett, Hazel Bryony, and obviously, Mary Addison.

  2. mitzi4 says:

    Glad there is a mary that is the fifth birth announcement for a mary recently,Addison though reminds me of a disease,
    Also like Maxine,but not the overused elizabeth,the name itself is ok just overused and I do like prairie

  3. Amy3 says:

    I have a little neighbor (1-yr-old) Mary. I love it! I also like Maxine Elizabeth and Hayes Katherine.

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