Hello, my name is

Acelyn Thea

Adigen Henry

Albert Kale

Alexia Gold

Blake Brooks

Brecken Brooklyn (boy)

Briar Rose

Brantlee Caroline

Brody Gunner

Cedar Dawn

Cobus Everett

Coraline Helen

Crayton Lee

Darren Dustin

Dashiell Colin

Devey Ellis (girl)

Eliot Harper (girl)

Ember July

Enzo King

Grayson Reno

Hase Darwin

Hattie Ruth

Jadence Story

Jenda Marie

Kable Grey

Kezri Kenzie

Lillian Flossie

Lindsey Celeste

Maximus Halen

Meryl Corrine

Mya-Lynn Pearl

Nunzio Christopher

Okes Dalton

Permis James

Portlyn Channing (girl)

Radke Jay

Rigley Leonard

Rory Lucille

Sadie Moon

Saylor Lane

Shevlin Elizabeth

Silas Bear

Sparrow Pearl

Tedford David

Tulsi Lila

Vanek Brett

Zuca Delilah

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2 Responses to SPARROW PEARL

  1. I rather like Cedar Dawn and Maximus Halen.

  2. Dani says:

    Hase Darwin made me LOL! How do they pronounce it? Is it supposed to be a kre8tif version of “Hayes”? Other than that “Hase” is the German word for rabbit/bunny….just LOL!

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