Hello, my name is

Acey James

Aurora Amethyst

Alo Charles

Bari Madeline

Beckett Royce

Betty Fern

Brendan Benton

Clarke Graceann

Colin Horatio

Corabelle Ethel

Crestin Daniel

Dace Charles

Drita Kristine

Eli Adelbert

Emma Day

Etan Reid

Finnegan Merril

Gandon Richard

Grey Kendrick (girl)

Halle Lyric

Hazen Reign (boy)

James Arrow

Jovina Violet

Kazrina True

Liam Lamar

Lisa Ann

Macon Leslie

Matilda Jewel

Mayzie Rain

Midori Emma

Miles Ash

Nadia Cosette

Nenji Thomas

Odion Andrew

Paxton Kid

Penelope Mary Iris

Quincy Lou (girl)

Ridge Franklin

Ruby Emmeline

Scarlett Ellis

Seaton Robert

Sienna Sierra

Sky Julian

Sophia Lourdes

Tavi James

Thessaly Ann

Troy Todd

Yvette Valencia

Zealand Reese

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  1. Catswoof says:

    “Macon” always makes me think of bacon.. Mmmmmmm

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  3. Nadia Cosette is quite pretty, and there’s some very interesting names here – Macon, Zealand, Corabelle Ethel, Odion, Crestin and Alo.

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