MAGNUS BARNABY (United Kingdom)


Alfie Lee

Alice Mia

Arabella Ava

Archie Ralph

Arlo Harold

Avieana Sophia Georgia

Beatrix Rose Violet

Clarisse Maude

Daisie Mika

Davey Jayden Michael

Edward Maxwell

Ellena Iris

Elsie Eve

Ernie George

Esme Susan

Ethan Piran

Florence Lily

Frazer Leo

Gray Mason

Harriet Inez

Harry Ntoli

Hazel Sophia

Isla Aurelia

Ivy Bo

Kodah Ashley

Lissiana Ellen

Lola-Drew Vanessa

Louie Sydney

Luca John

Magnus Barnaby

Nancy Georgia

Neve Caitlin

Niall Philip

Ollie Lucas

Paisley Jo Eileen

Poppy Frances

Reuben Owen

Robin Guy

Rosie Emma Chloe

Rupert George

Sam Charles

Scarlet Josephine

Sebastian Quinn

Theo Lloyd

Tor Ickikawa

Willow Amber

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4 Responses to MAGNUS BARNABY (United Kingdom)

  1. Megan says:

    Love Sebastian Quinn & Magnus Barnaby šŸ™‚
    Magnus is one of the few names my husband and I agree on… BUT I am called Meg, so I just don’t think it would work… šŸ˜¦

  2. Amy3 says:

    I really like Robin on a boy.

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  4. Alida says:

    Ellena Iris – beautiful!! Also loving Magnus Barnaby.

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