Hello, my name is

Adam Craft

Adilynn Posch

Arthur Charles

Ayden Skye (girl)

Bartley Reid

Bellarose Evangeline

Brick Matthew

Brinsley Nicole

Cannon Carson

Chandler Grace

Coraline Snow

Crew Beckett

Daniel Flynn

Declyn Josephine

Easton Mobus

Elizabeth Fern

Emerson Tate (girl)

Faxton Rae (girl)

Finley Leaf

Gage Gene

Gypsy Rose

Hailey Risa

Henry Harlowe

Isla Gray

Jackson Basil

Jean-Lucy Ellis

Kaleo Lael (boy)

Katherine Elizabeth “Katie Bess”

Laileigh Sage

London Allister

Macaffery Michael

Millie Magnolia

Nautis William

November Rayne

Olivian Paige

Oscar Omar

Padgett Darleen

Perter William

River Wynne (girl)

Rowe Wilder

Ryne Christopher

Saffi Morgan

Shervin Kurt

Tatum Parker

Tovy Leona

Violet Sky

Vitus Griffin

West Allan

Wren Valentine (boy)

Zelda Heather

Don’t see your favorite on our polls?  Tell me your favorite below.


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  1. Megan says:

    Surprised myself by really liking River Wynne.
    Also liked-
    Rowe Wilder
    Wren Valentine

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  3. Madelyn says:

    My favorite girl this round is November Rayne. I adore the name November and all of its nickname possibilities.

    I also second Anna’s nomination of Vitus Griffin.

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