KALE LINDEN (Australia)


Alby Jack

Alexandro Elliot

Alison Ingrid Cherie

Anakie Mae

Angus Craig

Annabelle Lorna

Archer Andrew

Arwen Jennifer

Asta Valentina

Banjo Edward

Brodie Kate

Callum Shaun

Cleo Awatea

Connor Azriel

Daphne Jewel

Edward Hugh Thomas

Elsa Hilary

Estelle Tini Mary

Fergus Timothy Mitchell

Fiona Annagail

Flynn Cohen

Georgina Frances

Guy Richard Michael

Hannah Cherie

Harry Andrew

Imogen Maia

Indiana Ruby

Indi Charlotte

Jaira Eliz

Jock Ernest

Judd Vincent

Kale Linden

Krista-Fay Theresa

Lachie Patrick

Lloyd Hunter

Lottie Rose

Lucy Montana

Manaia Anne Rose

Max Archer

Millie Dee

Olivia Wendy

Orlando Gael

Oscar Dane

Royce Henry

Strath Alexander

Tadhg Raphael

Tillie Margaret

Wilem Jasper

Xavier Gary

Zara Bethany

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4 Responses to KALE LINDEN (Australia)

  1. Amy3 says:

    Lots of great names here. Love Tadhg, Oscar, Asta, Imogen, and Daphne.

  2. Jim says:

    Thank for you sharing such a beautiful name in this blog. I like it. I would like Alexandro Elliot,
    Annabelle Lorna, Arwen Jennifer, Brodie Kate, Flynn Cohen, Georgina Frances and Lucy Montana. They names are cute and sound so pretty.

  3. Eaglewolf says:

    I like Indiana and Lucy Montana. Banjo is cute too

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