Hello, my name is

Adalynn Ivrea

Adie Sunshine

Asher Mackenzie

Avi James

Basil Marin (boy)

Bella Sky Light

Briar Joe

Brody Bennett

Cairo Antonio

Cassidy Sky

Clara Cosette

Connor Amadeus

Dana Jeffrey

Delilah Moon

Denton Michael

Doris Leigh

Edmund Morris

Electra Raine

Eliza Sage

Emerson Grey (boy)

Felton Thomas

Finn Caswell

Freya Greer

Fynlee Cooper (girl)

Gabriel Wylie

Ginny Dean

Halen Brent

Harper Minnie

Holland McKenna

Hudson Holmes

Ilythia Marie

Jackson Finch

Jorell Kallen

Kate Marin

Keane Matthew

Kittson Pearl

Kreyton Cole

Layla Emerald

Levi Wheaton

Lila Amity

Nami Viola

Owen Ladd

Poppy Valentine

Quinn Zander Blue

Rinoa Love

Savannah Estelle

Shawn Kelly

If your favorite name didn’t make it on the poll, comment below.

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9 Responses to KATE & KEANE

  1. Megan says:

    Lots of Adalyn’s popping up in birth announcements lately and my sister in law just named her girl this. I’m not a huge fan of the name, but I do like the nickname Addy.
    Great names on this list – Poppy Valentine, Eliza Sage and Harper Minnie are adorable!

  2. Amy3 says:

    I agree that Poppy Valentine is adorable. I also like Freya and Doris, but I wasn’t wild about either of the middles for those two.

  3. mykka says:

    Fynlee Cooper screams boy to me.

  4. Basil Marin 🙂 love!

  5. Kaitlyn says:

    Poppy Valentine is darling! Lots of cute names this round. I also loooooved Delilah Moon and Lila Amity!

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  7. Clare says:

    Nominate Edmund Morris!

  8. Admiring Cairo Antonio (why don’t we see Cairo as a name more often? it’s cool!), Briar Joe (sweet as), Electra Raine, Owen Ladd and Rinoa Love.

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