• Adler Stone
  • Alma Marcena
  • Arley Everett Django
  • Bentley Atticus
  • Brenner Kent
  • Carlin Magalie
  • Chloe Lin Theodora
  • Cosimo Marius
  • Dahlia Evangelia
  • Elektra Ann
  • Ellery Elise
  • Elowyn Rose
  • Emma Rain
  • Floyd Michael
  • Gino Charles
  • Hazel Luna Belle
  • Hermione Athena
  • Ily Alana
  • James Gard
  • Jemma Alyssum
  • Juniper Carol
  • Kai Donovan
  • Kasper Joshua
  • Kerry James
  • Lonan George Marshall
  • Luca Jack
  • Lynnae Lucille
  • Massimo Louis
  • Meeka Elizabeth
  • Molly Darlus
  • Nana Adwoa
  • Olivia Ireland
  • Quinn River
  • Ren Kai
  • Royal Winslow
  • Sam Edward
  • Seamus Jerome
  • Shea Diane
  • Skyleigh Ann
  • Sophia Opal
  • Sterling Keith-Anthony
  • Tinsley Robin Nicole
  • Violet Laurel
  • Winston Hershel
  • Zeta Elise
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4 Responses to ARLEY EVERETT DJANGO (Oregon)

  1. Amy3 says:

    I like Elektra Ann and Juniper Carol – an unexpected first grounded by a more conservative middle.

  2. mitzi4 says:

    Like alma Marcella,Elektra ann, elowynbut not rose as it is used beyond saturation point. Juniper Carol although I can see juniper becoming trendy in future.I also like nana adwoathe only name I dislike is the sloppy overused Molly I prefer the solid mary and its other variations. For boys I like cosmic mariusand Winston Herschel sorry about words smoothed together if I leave a gap my computer changes the name to what it wants to put strange

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