Georgia 2

Abrie Anne

Alexander Prentice

Archer Ward

Ashton Obadiah

Aurora Roxanne

Bentley River

Breck Louis

Canaan Jack

Charlotte Josephine

Clark Samuel

Connor Loyal

Daniel Rayner

Edison Josiah

Elijah Truth

Emma Willow

Fletcher Edward

Grace Perpetua

Hartley Marie

Henry Cass Walker

Hudson Miller

Jackson Shaw

Janet Merie

Jericho Adam

Josephine Alexandra

Kenneth Nolan Price

Knox Coleman

Langston Lamar

Levy Toby Roosevelt Malachi

Lorelai Ellasyn Lane

Major Lamar

Mason Blair

Max Aleric

Myra Lee

Noble Phoenix

Potter Benjamin

Rory Bruce

Sienna Miranda Sage

Stella Wayde

Thalia Chrysanthemum

Titus Malachi

Tucker Landry

William Cleveland


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6 Responses to THALIA CHRYSANTHEMUM (Georgia)

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  2. Madelyn says:

    My favorite girl is Janet Merie. I love seeing little Janets!

  3. dotmyiis says:

    I swoon a little every time I see Chrysanthemum 🙂

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