LOLA & MADDEN (Oklahoma)


  • Annabelle Andy
  • Asa Finley
  • Axton Dane
  • Bailey Royce (girl)
  • Beckett Olivia
  • Caleb Ibed
  • Canyon Marklee
  • Charlie Penelope
  • Cordelia Rose
  • Dazyline Grace
  • Emerson Cooper
  • Esther McKendree
  • Ezekial Wade
  • Gentri Eleanor
  • Gwyneth Natalia
  • Hazley Reigh
  • Ilee Grace
  • Inez Imunique Nicole
  • Izzy Jaslene
  • Jantzey Paddock
  • John Broderick  “Brody”
  • Joseph Merced
  • Kamden Runninbear
  • Kaysan Firdaus
  • Kellyn Winters
  • Kyndi Beth
  • Landry Jackson
  • Leedgin Kyle
  • Lola Rose Eleanor
  • Madden Luke
  • Noah Everett
  • Parth Pramod
  • Peyton Irene
  • Reece Terry
  • Reeve Randall Lee
  • Saylee Renee Sue
  • Staton Michael
  • Sydney Temperance
  • Thalia Emma Amour
  • Tristan Pete
  • Ty Hudson
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16 Responses to LOLA & MADDEN (Oklahoma)

  1. Clare says:

    Wow to Runninbear as a middle name!

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  3. Amy3 says:

    Out of 41 names (including nicknames), 20 of them include at least one Y. Clearly that’s the letter of the moment in Oklahoma.

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  6. I seriously love Cordelia Rose and Lola Eleanor Rose.

  7. Megan says:

    So glad you are back!!!
    Gentri Eleanor is intriguing… Not sure if I like it, but it’s interesting!
    I also love Lola Eleanor Rose!
    I have Beckett on my boys list. Seems odd on a girl to me though.

  8. mitzi4 says:

    Some lovely unusual names here .Is runningbear for real.Only gripe here is too many roses and graces as usual on all baby name lists

    • Names4Real says:

      Hi Mitzi4,

      Yes. All baby names on this site are real.

      Yes, Grace and Rose are popular middle names. I usually only put them if their first name is new or one I don’t see a lot of like Cordelia.


  9. mykka says:

    Really liking Landry Jackson and Asa Finley.

    John Broderick is my least fav, 2 ugly names imo.

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