Hello, my name is

Ada Melisa

Adi William

Archer Fox

Autumn Breeze

Beck Dinlin

Bergan Jo

Brevan Hunter

Cambria Winn

Caspian Scott

Dalton Hart

Daphne Shaye

Easton Delane

Emberlynn Claire

Ford Warren

Fowler Belle

Harlow Summer

Hennley Victoria

Henry Hollister

Isabella Halo

Jackson Catherine

Jacob Bennett

Jens Lee

Kansas Nicole

Keller Ray

Lakeley Brynn

Liv Honor

Madden Matthew

Margo Willa

Maria Leta

Nolan Wallace

Oliver Holmes

Olyve Joy

Quinn Harper (boy)

Paula Ariadna

Phillipa Monroe

Raine Brady

Reid Julian

Sage Phillip

Sarah-Jade Louise

Savanna Austin

Sawyer Mathias

Tatum Case

Tenley Ann

Thane David

Vada Marlene

Verrick Edwin

Weston Slade

Willow Roux

Winifred Quinn

Wyatt Kees

Zooey Jax

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3 Responses to MARGO WILLA & RAINE BRADY (U.S.)

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  2. Is it just me that doesn’t think Fowler is a good baby name for either sex? Or is it only in my accent that it is a homophone of “fouler”?

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