JEB & KIT (U.S.)

Hello, my name is

Abigail Glory

Adelaide RubyJoyce

Adler Mitchell

Avery Xavier

Beckett Christopher

Berkeley Scott (girl)

Brentley Essence

Calla Beverly

Cameron Alastair Jack

Christian Thor

Creighton Neil

Dekker Troy

Drew Elizabeth

Edward Keding

Elise Helene

Forrest Emmanuel

Gabriel Wilton

Grace Appolonia

Hank Francis

Hope Lorraine

Iris Josephine

Isaac Langston

Jade Delaine

Jeb Randall

Kennedy Love

Kit Ray Robert

Lenora Georgia

Lincoln Miller

Mason Everett

Mollie Lea

Murphy Michael

Nika Eleanor

Oliver Blue

Palmer Marie

Paxton Donovan

Raquel Helen

Romeo Wade

Sadie Lou

Sonny Richard

Tabitha Helen

Tanner Blaise

Thad Aaron

Trudie Joy

Wade Cameron

Zaia Jane

Zander Reed

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2 Responses to JEB & KIT (U.S.)

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  2. Emily says:

    So many good ones! I especially like Cameron Alastair Jack, Forrest Emmanuel (SWOON), and Kit Ray Robert. Jeb, Hank, and Sadie Lou should form a bluegrass band at some point.

    Calla Beverly and Christian Thor gave me a good chuckle. Beverly Hills, California and Christian paired with the name of a Norse god? Funny.

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