• Adriadne Zeta
  • AftonJo Ann
  • Amelia Echo
  • Augustine Elizabeth
  • Braigan Nay
  • Brodie Valencia
  • Carson Riddick
  • Chance LaRue
  • Chester Albert “C.J.
  • Cole Anderson
  • Declan Edge
  • Egypt-Leia Marlize
  • Elizabeth Acey
  • Elsa Irmgard
  • Enzo Austin
  • Ethan Hawk
  • Faith Wilehmina
  • Finn Westfall
  • Golda Ann
  • Gretchen Manda
  • Hennessee Halia Diana
  • Illyena Violet
  • Isaak Fallon
  • Ja Michael
  • Jean-Baptiste Daniel
  • Joey Marae
  • Joseph Ulloa
  • Judson Wylde
  • Kahlan Mary
  • Kandler Ethan
  • Kayla Effie
  • Kenneth Mac
  • Kobe Warrick
  • Laken Everett
  • Leah Irene
  • Leora Tessa
  • LilyAnn Lois
  • Lori Marie
  • Lucille Jean “Lucy”
  • Mae Kathryn
  • Mary Faustina
  • Mercy Angelina
  • Milla Pearl
  • Monet Deborah
  • Nico Sanger
  • Olver Draco
  • Oz Lo
  • Penny Lucille
  • Ramsey Wallace
  • Reeser James
  • Robbie Martin
  • Rourke Edmond Ehren
  • Ryker Alexius
  • Sarah Sadako
  • Sebastian Valentine
  • Shaw Samuel
  • Skye Castelle
  • Sydney Katen
  • Timberly Nichole
  • Trapper Dee
  • Tyson Kip
  • Victoria Gray
  • Whiloe Alysa
  • Winnie Manola
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6 Responses to AMELIA ECHO (U.S.)

  1. Hm says:

    I love Ariadne Zeta, Amelia Echo, and Finn Westfall! Westfall is a seriously cool middle name. I like Milla Pearl and Nico Sanger as well.

    I have to wonder if Olver was meant to be Oliver.

    Ethan Hawk makes me think of the actor, Ethan Hawke. I kind of wonder if it’s a case of sounds sounding right together because they’re familiar, but you’ve forgotten why they’re familiar, so they just sound right.

    Whiloe is visually interesting. Is it meant to be Willow? My first instinct is to pronounce it with a long I, like Wiley with an O ending.

    • Names4Real says:

      I love Westfall too. Such a great middle name.

      It was Olver, not Oliver. It’s a Norse name meaning ‘Lucky’.

      My first instinct was to pronounce it as Why not Will, but who knows.

      Thanks for commenting!

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  3. Vanessa says:

    Love seeing Wilhelmina in the middle! Also really like Milla Pearl, Penny Lucille, and Lucille Jean.

  4. Vanessa says:

    Love seeing Wilhelmina in the middle! Also really like Milla Pearl, Lucille Jean, and Penny Lucille.

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