newspaper 2

Adley Lorraine

Asha Grace

Atziri Isabel

Audric James

Beau Melvin

Ben Thomas

Brixten King

Brooxyn Michael

Callen Mae

Chandler Elsa

Clementine Grey

Cruz Oliver

Cullen Blaise

Decklyn Alexandra

Emiko Eden Fay

Emmett Scout

Emsley Jean

Faline Quinn

Hazel Adele

Henry Arlo

Isla Sutton

Jackson Danger

Jasper Lane

Josette Eve

Karis Kelley

Kit Christian

Laila Laura

Landon Dallas

Luke Foxwell

Maggie Adair

Manning Davis

Margo Scarlett

Miller Thomas

Nicoline Elizabeth

Penelope Lake

Pepper Jane

Presley Randall

Rhett Louis

Rylan Arvid

Samuel Hughs

Sullivan Rex

Tangie Tia

Ty Trace

Violet Moon

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4 Responses to PEPPER JANE (Sunday)

  1. Pepper Jane is super cute, and there’s something about Emmett Scout that’s quite appealing.

  2. I really liked: Josette Eve and Henry Arlo
    I really did NOT like: Brooxyn

    there were more that I loved or hated, but thought I’d just share the ones I liked most or least.

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