• Annabelle Blue
  • Archer Henry
  • Aurora Tinley
  • Axton Everett
  • Bennett Harvin
  • Brecken Max
  • Brogan Sawyer
  • Broxlyn Bonnie Jean
  • Carson Adele
  • Cassidy Catherine
  • Chauncey Wade
  • Dashiell Alexander
  • Gared Christophe
  • Hayes Kurtis
  • Ingrid Anita
  • Isabella Bristle
  • Jack Holiday
  • James Audi
  • Journey Joy
  • Juna Tyler
  • Landon Kenrex
  • Liberty Alice
  • Marin Priscilla
  • Natellia Lynn
  • Percilla Kathryn
  • Rivers Thomas
  • Rowdie Wayne
  • Scottlynn Annette
  • Tandi Lyn
  • Westlin Gage
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1 Response to INGRID ANITA & JACK HOLIDAY (Nebraska)

  1. Annabelle Blue is so pretty, and Jack Holiday is fun, although if you run the names together, it’s rather a worry.

    I’m not sure about Bristle as a name, and I guess Audi is a car name not often considered. It has a nice meaning – “listen”.

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