Alexandria Kai

Annabella Star

Avery Iris

Azor Forrest

Breckin Jerry

Briar Benjamin

Brynn Sarah

Case Bryan

Channing Ryan

Charli Blue

Corbin Lyle

Cypress Matthew

Duncan Oliver

Esther Alana

Ettalynn Frances

Finn Cooper

Fox Odin

Gideon Keston

Hadassah Sue

Harper Laureen

Hudsyn Bella

India Archer

Isaac Orion

Jasper Keating

Josslyn Harriet

Kayvn Elvis

Lexa Elizabeth

Lilly Bliss

Maclaine Marie

Madison Lotus

Mae Rivera

Merrill Keenan

Mila Drew

Oakley June

Reese Elsie

Riar John

Sterling Sebastian

Sullivan Mark

Sutton Dean

Wynnie Kay

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2 Responses to INDIA ARCHER (Sunday)

  1. Blue Juniper says:

    Love some of these!

    Azor Forrest is interesting, I wonder where Azor came from. Is this a boy?

  2. Names4Real says:

    Azor is a boy. When I googled the name, I found out it was a small town near Tel Aviv, Israel. It is also the name of a prescription drug to help lower blood pressure. 🙂

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