new-zealand 3


Adam Kees (Amelia)

Akira Thomas

Angelica Eloise

Ashling Lilly (Imogen)

Benna Dominique

Blake-Johann Wolf

Calvi David

Coralie Marie

Damita Grace

Dev Prayag

Eleanor Enid “Elle”

Elijah Galuega Myles Opie

Faralee Ellen

Fletcher Noel Thomas (Imogen)

Flynn Harry

Frankie Moka (girl)

Gareth Robert

Havana Pare (Tana)

Haven Christopher Paul

Honor Poppy

Illa Florance (Lachlan)

Ioane Lani (boy)

Krish Patel

Lachlan Kingsley

Marigold Alice

Marlia-Rose Ursula

Mason Everson

Milly Louise

Neo Lucas

Olive Teresa

Onyx James

Ottilie Grace

Pia Hazel

Rachel Kezia

Roman Flynn

Sacha Rebecca (Connor)

Taine Roy

Toby Charles Meni

Vincenzo William

Xanthe Briana

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