• Adair Lucia
  • Belle Sumner
  • Clarita Sarah
  • Dallas Isabella Inell
  • Eloise Aurora
  • Fiona Frances
  • Genevieve Ovida
  • Harper Clarissa
  • Isla Angeline
  • Jetta Leigh
  • Karis Lucille
  • Luna Meadow
  • Meritt Dawn
  • Norah Lorraine
  • Ophelia Grace
  • Primrose Claire
  • Quinn Aurora
  • Ruby Carolina
  • Sunny Alana
  • Talli Breck
  • Una Maya
  • Valla Vee Luella
  • Winifred Jean
  • Xia Giselle
  • Yeilen Ester
  • Ziva Colleen
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3 Responses to PRIMROSE CLAIRE (ABC girls)

  1. Luna Meadow is sweet and a bit dotty-sounding! šŸ™‚

  2. Isla Angeline and Norah Lorraine strike my fancy.

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