Alice Josefa

Andie Jane Pearl

Arthur Amos

Astrid Catherine Amy

Brax Gabriel (Mace & Cruze)

Claudine Isabel (Arno & Louis)

Coral Lidia (Billy)

Digby Lawrence

Edward Barnaby

Elsie Jane Rebecca (Peta, Bradley, & Hayden)

Ethan Pat

Everett Dallas

Flynn Jacob

Forbes Edwards (Lochlan, Bronte, & Tallulah)

Genevieve Aria (Connor, Isobel, & Taylor)

Gus Peter

Harry Romauld (Evelyn)

Holly Astrid Sloan (Freya)

Imogen Dale

Indianna Kimberly

Jarvis Christopher

Kipling Falcon

Lachlan Marco

Liesel Alexandra

Louie Lucca

Lyra Sage (Arabella)

Maisie Emerson

Quincy Victoria (Matilda & Jet)

Pepi Patricia

Percy Angus

Savannah Asher

Sidney Louis (Errol)

Taylor Nathaniel

Tigerlily Elizabeth Margaret (Wolfgang)

Violet Amabel (Findlay & Archer)

Xavier Fenton

William Thompson

Woodrow Francis

Zara Antonia

Zoe Maja

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