• Abigail Roberta
  • Alicia Berlyn
  • Anna Tekla
  • Aubreelle Phoenix
  • Benaiah Wayne
  • Brenda Jolene (Nathan, Janet, Jerald, Barbara, & Joanna)
  • Callum Clark
  • Cielo Arely
  • Cormac Santiago
  • Dylan Grace
  • Elsie Leona Dawn
  • Evan Shalom
  • Finnegan Robert
  • Haydee Renee
  • Indica Lynn
  • Jerzy Wolfe
  • Juniper Grace
  • Kellcyn Brooke
  • Lincoln Pender
  • Louis Casper Lee
  • Maverick Chase
  • Molly Agnes
  • MyaLove Jean
  • Nolan Robert
  • Olive Riley
  • Padma Kirana
  • Parker Amos
  • Quinlin Emilie
  • River William Reed
  • Royce Murray
  • Satya Luz
  • Shasta Marie
  • Stella Lou
  • Tallulah Marcia
  • Trindan Zain
  • Wylie Blue
  • Zepplin James
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3 Responses to ELSIE LEONA DAWN & EVAN SHALOM (Washington)

  1. Crystal says:

    Aubreeelle, the spelling hurts my eyes to be honest.

    • Names4Real says:

      That was a typo. I put too many e’s so it’s Aubreelle.

      Oh, you should see some of the spellings I don’t use. 🙂

      • Crystal says:

        To be honest I don’t find Aubreelle pleasing either but I can only imagine there are plenty of worse spellings of both this name and others out there.

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