LILY BECK (Wyoming)


  • Abigail Hazel
  • Alexa Becca
  • Arren Jethro
  • Aumi Jean
  • Blake Sterling
  • Caleb McCoy
  • Cole River
  • Dalice Rose
  • Eda May
  • Ellie Estelle
  • Elwood Joseph
  • Fin Eldon
  • Fletcher Vernon
  • Hazel Olivia
  • Inigo Antonio
  • Jeremiah Sutton
  • Kail Christopher
  • Kiah Ginger
  • Kyndle Stephen
  • Lily Beck
  • Macy Iola
  • Mason Ryler
  • Mikeala Maxwell
  • Octavian Michael
  • Remy Day
  • Rye William
  • Skye Kymberly
  • Sterling Kade
  • Summer Pearl
  • Tiana Bless
  • Truance Anthony
  • Vivian Nora
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6 Responses to LILY BECK (Wyoming)

  1. Aumi? Kyndle? Truance? What the …?

    I don’t know whether Dalice is meant to be Dallas or Alice-with-a-D, or duh-LEES, and either way I have no idea what they have done that.

    I like Inigo Antonio though, that’s very handsome.

  2. Erin says:

    Inigo Antonio? That sounds like a “Princess Bride” reference. The kid better get ready to hear “Prepare to die” over and over and over…

    I like Eda May (a cooler, more modern take on Edna) and Remy Day.

    Truance just makes me think of truancy — seems like a risky choice.

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