WILDER JUNE (North Dakota)


  • Abigail Clara
  • Albie Montero
  • Anna Clarice
  • Astrid Rose
  • Bebtley Samuel
  • Bo Raylee (girl)
  • Brenner Lee
  • Brixton Anthony
  • Brysen Knight
  • Cammen Dane
  • Chester Oscar
  • Crosby Kenneth
  • Daxlynn Lorraine
  • Drew Michael
  • Eli Abbott
  • Elwood David Larry
  • Ensley Claire
  • Fiona Aumi
  • Grady Wendel
  • Harper Daphne
  • Hoyt Victor
  • Jack Melvin
  • Jenicaisobel Mariana
  • Kale Robert
  • Kelty Cathryn Rose
  • Lee Mack
  • Liam Mills
  • Luna Annora
  • Marie Aspyn
  • Melissa Rain
  • Nina Xihlovo
  • Norah Agnes
  • Paige Sevena
  • Rachel Autumn
  • Roarie Storm (girl)
  • Sade Oliver
  • Scout Harper
  • Skyler Pius
  • Sylvester Theo
  • Tuf Cash
  • Wilder June
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3 Responses to WILDER JUNE (North Dakota)

  1. mykka says:

    Sexes for Scout, Skyler, Wilder?

    Tuf Cash is just a ridiculous name!

    Are you sure Bebtley isn’t meant to be Bentley?

    Strange to see Marie as a first name again, but it’s a pleasant surprise!

  2. Names4Real says:

    I’m sure. Well, as sure as I can be, because the BA said Bebtley.

    Scout: girl
    Skyler: boy
    Wilder: girl

  3. Tuf Cash and Skyler Pius are pretty bad. Wilder June sounds like a description of your summer holiday. Lee Mack is a well-known English comedian.

    I like Astrid Rose though.

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