australia 3

Alex Henrietta

Alice Polly Frances

Anouk Jude Alexandra (Hannah, Tommy, & Toby)

Beatrix Cloud

Blaize Kingston

Bonnie Blue (Francis)

Chase Deacon

Clementine Quinn (Charlotte)

Dante Luca (Emilio)

Dashiell Guilford (Ada)

Edelle Ishtvana

Edwina Violet (Olivia, Annie, Will, & Angus)

Fergus Alvin Roger

Florence Josephine

Flynn Roger

Griffin Leonard

Gwen Veronika

Harriett Annie

Hugh Flynn Ian

India Elle

Indigo Ann

Ivy Isobel (Cleo & Phoebe)

Jed Campbell

Jimmy Rocco

Liliana Wendy

Matteo Stelio

Otto Phillip

Reuben Morris

Rocco Saverio

Ruby Elsie

Rupert Otis

Sam Savas

Sibylla Daphne

Sethius Ian

Stavroula (girl)

Steele Lachlan

Tamika Jean

Thierry George

Zahli Sage (Ashton)

Zoel Cohen

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