newspaper 2

Agatha Carter

Albri Jade

Ally Brie

Alyster Burlon

Andilynn Iris

Annea Elizabeth

Archer Troy

Ashton Norris

Aubrey Mildred

Avalee Elizabeth

Avonlea Vanessa

Benson Nathaniel

Berkley Gaynelle

Brayden Tilford

Breckyn Michelle

Brynn Georgia

Cainen Ryker

Crew John

Crimson Arawen

Cullen Cassian Harvey

Davrin Avery

Della Grace

Douglas Baker

Eloise Beatrice

Elmer Eugene

Emerson Bradley

Gage Tavian

Gibson Donald

Genivee Faith

Hastin Slade

Helen Julieth

Isaac Sanford

Isla Suzanne

Jameson Morse

Jersey Christine

Joel Whittaker

Joy Elaine

Knightley Isabel

Leighton Grady

Lennon Clark

Lorelai Austyn

Luciano Michael

Mazen Joseph

Mena Lily

Mercy Analise

Molly Ryan

Rosemary Carolyn

Stone Howard

Tesli Rayne

Winchester Ray

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  1. Emily says:

    Elmer Eugene is either named after his great-grandfather(s) or his parents are so hipster it hurts. Do you know what state Elmer is from?

    I love Cullen Cassian Harvey, Joel Whittaker, Luciano Michael, and Mercy Analise. As a huge Supernatural fan, Winchester makes me think of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. No complaints there.

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