Adara Sky

Adler Lenore

Alabama June

Alister Edward

Amaya Love

Arlis Daniel

Athen Maddox

Aurora Kenzi

Ava  Vivian

Azalia Nalani

Bella Ruby

Blaze Preston

Bridger Albert Marshall

Cash Alden

Coy Preston

Daytona June (Brooklyn Ann)

Drake Stanley

Eason Kyle

Ellery Jane

Ellison Marlo

Emily Vera

Ezra Calvin John

Fiona  Terra

George Winslow

Graham Arthur

Hadley Sue

Hardy Malcolm

Heaven Neveah

Ivy Georgia

Jacob Gage

Johnny Bentley

Kendin Leos

Kruze Maverick

Leland  West

Lithia Serenity

Mae Alida

Marisol Lisette

Mason Race

McLeigh Hope

Polly  Rose

Ryder Davis

Tallulah Mae

Theodore Thomas

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4 Responses to ALABAMA JUNE (Sunday)

  1. Blue Juniper says:

    Heaven Nevaeh? Really?

    Kind of liking McLeigh as a new Mac Name.

  2. Ooh, lots of nice names – Alabama June is interesting, that’s a state you don’t see as often. I like Marisol Lisette and Polly Rose. For boys, Athen Maddox and George Winslow appeal.

    Lithia Serenity is a bit of a tongue-twister, but it’s an unusual mineral name.

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