VIVID RAE (Nevada)


Abraham Aiden

Aldo Taylor

Austyn Bree

Barrett Mace

Beckett Everhart

Brayden Santos

Chasyn Norgard

Craighton Joseph

Deamon Micah

Draven Lizette

Everlee Elizabeth

Finley Augustus

Heber Bryant

Helena Lorraine

Iris June

Isaiah Luna

Jonah Reese

Kathryn Acadia

Kellan Bruce

Koa Lynn

Kylah Betty

Laycan Michael

Lidia Queralie

Loretta Gail

Lynnae Ann

Morgan Verna

Natalie Akiko

Pamela Maria

Ruby Jeffrey

Sylas Roe

Trinity Arabella

Una Elizabeth

Vivid Rae

Zayla June

Zulema Rose

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8 Responses to VIVID RAE (Nevada)

  1. mykka says:

    What are the genders of Isaiah, Koa and Morgan?

  2. Ooh I rather like Vivid – interesting vocab. name.

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  4. Anya says:

    Sorry this was suppose to have read: “Do you think a person could use it as is on a baby?”

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