australia 3

Ananda Mateo (Dan & Maya)

Arli Arthur

Ash Damien (Jesse)

Ashby Harrison

Axel Hayden

Bianca Ruby

Chester Benjamin

Darcy Finn

Dash Rafferty

Estella Ruth (Thomas & Abby)

Flynn Stewart

Finley Anne (Holly, Chloe, & Lexi)

Giaan Margaret

Harlow Mabel

Harriet Alexandra

Ida Frances Lilah

Kirpa Kaur

Laetitia Ivy

Loretta Louise (Joshua)

Luna Belle (Lulu Rose)

Melissa Josie (Amy & Emily)

Millie Hazel (Annabelle)

Noah Archer

Rhianydd Jean (Seirian)

Rupert Jon Rex

Sadie Christine

Sage Ethan Tao

Sam Montgomery

Sonny Jack (Milla & Scout)

Tahlie Anne (Shanaya)

Tasman Ross

Thomas Franklin (James & Emily)

Will Gregory


Annabella Jennifer & Finn Gilbert

Carol Elaine & Myra Jane

Davis James & Summer Jayne

Estelle Bozena & Katrina Ruth

Estella Marie Jean & Lewis Harry Lee (Darcy)

Maggie Lee & Pippa May

Mattie Audrey & Poppy Evelyn

Vote for the Most Outrageous Names of 2012.

We’ve narrowed it down and taken the top picks from each category.  It’s now time to pick the Most Outrageous Names of 2012.  Will it be Kemistryy or Kowboy or Breeze or Sabbath?  Go vote.

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1 Response to DASH RAFFERTY (Australia)

  1. mykka says:

    I really like Ashby, Darcy and Sage for boys, nice!

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