BUDDY ALDO (Australia)


Arabella Everleigh (Sahara)

Bernard Michael

Buddy Aldo

Charlie Kingston

Claire Agnes (Emily)

Denver Anton

Eilidh Amelia

Evie Zanna

Frankie Jean-Louise


Henley Dean

Iris Arianwen (Alec, Amelie, & Rafe)

Isla Ann Beverley

Jarvis Kai

Jed Isaac

Juno Michele Frances

Lewis Brenton

Lowenna Brohnwyn

Mahli Harper

Matilda Patricia Jacqueline

Maxwell Calaby

Mitchell Coventry (Tyler, Ashton, & Flynn)

Piera Eleni (Dante & Sienna)

Quade Joseph

Remy Lou

Saxon Michael

Sophia Olive

Tom Bruce

Zara Leticia


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3 Responses to BUDDY ALDO (Australia)

  1. prisoner says:

    Interesting to see Piera on (I assume) a girl! Where I’m from it’s a Sami boy name 🙂 They also have Ailo, Lemet, Mattis, Ante and Issat for boys, and Aile, Biret, Eila, Maret and Marja for girls. Interesting how names cross borders all the time 🙂

  2. Kimberly says:

    I like Juno Michele Francis and Maxwell Calaby….I love the Australian names generally speaking though. They seem to have a lot of personality!

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