Aisling Emma (Caitlin & Sorcha)

Alfie Peter (Tom)

Aoife Catherine

Barry Michael

Benedict Diarmuid Julian (Martha & Aidan)

Bobby James

Caoimhe (Darragh & Ruairi)

Christina Aoife (Conor James)

Cillian Hugh Terence (Riain)

Conor Liam

Cuan Ultan

Daisy Avital

Donal Anthony

Douglas Lee “Douggie”

Eleanor Ita

Etain Mary Catherine (Lochlann & Oscar)

Ethan Harry

Federica Carole

Fiadh Mae (Isabella)

Frank Michael

Frederick Thomas “Freddie”

Harry James

Hugo Stephen

James Gerard Cyril (Rory)

Julia Siobhan

Lana Dorothea

Lola Robyn (Hannah)

Martha Mary Anne

Maurethe Bridget (Maurie)

Nell Mairead (Hannah & Will)

Pierce Nicholas John (Alexander & Marcus)

Phoebe Heather Olympia Eleanor (Kyle, Evan, & Aaron)

Saoirse Anna

Saul Benedict Denis

Sebastian Arthur (Edward & Eleanor Rose)

Sienna Helena Riha (Cian)

Zac Brendan


Amelia May & Louisa Jane

Cathal Og & Killian

Michael Timothy & Claire Elizabeth

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