Abigail John

Aidan Swade

Baker Lee

Brekin Erica

Chance Eldrid

Cora Simone

Daisy Rosemarie

Dutch Nikolaas

Ellery Jeanne

Ethan Bray

Faith Blue

Finley Collins

Gabriel Shepherd

Gracie Lou

Hank Shelby

Hollis Linlee

Inara Pamela

Isaac Lloyd

James Canyon

Jillian Phoebe

Kai Emmett

Kyla Alice

Lena Clementine

Logan Maks

Maddisyn March

Michael London

Naomi Aurora

Nolan Tate

Oakley Curtis

Olivia Life

Paizlee Dru

Price Bryan

Quinlan Dougherty

Quinn Rosalie

Regina Sue

Rider Theodore

Sadie Bryce

Stephen Whitaker

Sylvia Teresa 

Thomas Kelley

Trixie Arlene

Tucker Harold

Urban Samuel

Vaughn Jefferson 

Vida Rose

Violet Patricia

Winfred Mabel

Wyatt Kal-El

Xandria Skye

Zane Bentley

Zoey Austin

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3 Responses to DUTCH & TRIXIE (Sunday)

  1. Oddly enough I recently met a real life baby named Urban – I thought it was quite unusual, but maybe it’s coming back??

    Winifred Mabel (heart)
    Faith Blue (cute)
    Vida Rose (pretty)
    Gabriel Shepherd (handsome)
    Thomas Kelley (like)
    Michael London (it’s handsome, but reminds me of the actor Michael Landon)
    Wayatt Kal-El (oh dear …)

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