EDIE & FORD (Georgia)

Abigail Reign

Aiden Roscoe

Barrett Liam

Brenna Reed

Calliope Rae

Chase Wilson

Davis Gordon

Dorielle Boston

Edie Harper

Elijah Orion

Ford Spencer

Freya Katherine

Georgia Shay

Grady Montgomery

Hank Taylor

Helen Suzette

Iris Orion Evelyn

Isaac McKinney

Jasper Hart

Josephine Antoinina

Katarina Lenore

Kooper Axle

Lana Zoe

Liam Wiles

Margaret Bradleigh

Morris Lee

Noah Boone

Nora Eliana

Oliver Price (Liam Archer)

Parys Kalia

Redden Patrick

Riley Rynn (girl)

Sadie Arabella

Steven Ledger

Thomas Noble

Tovah Lorraine

Viola Madeline

Walker Cline

Waverly Chloe

Zachary Doyle


* If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Matilda Magazine.

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6 Responses to EDIE & FORD (Georgia)

  1. Bekk delaine says:

    I’m from Australia and we think my daughter has the loveliest name ever.. Pollyanna Daisy !!

  2. Emily says:

    I’m not a fan of Aiden by any means, but I do love Roscoe. Grady Montgomery and Thomas Noble are so handsome. I also like Helen Suzette, Isaac McKinney, Zachary Doyle, and Viola Madeline.

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