Abel Eugene

Andie Leona

Beauregard Richard

Bella Monet

Celeste Auria

Colden Marcus

Davina Hattie

Donovan Barack

Edith Carlianne

Ephraim Samuel

Feangai Amelia Ki Aloha

Ganon Leroy

Harper Andrew

Helea Bliss

James Angelous

Jocelyn Viola

Kaegyn Nova

LauraBelle Adaline

Leif Oliver

Marya Violet

Maxine Ione

Melo Julian

Nakoa Elijah

Oliver Ichabod Conan

Orion Lucian

Paisley Evaline

Richard Apollo

Riley Tilisa

Robin Caine

Ruby Elara

Saylor Nicole

Seraphina Elanor

Silas Kendall

Soren Somerset

Teslin Rose

Titus Leyland

Trevor Gibs

Vladislava Ines

Xander Oceanus

Zelda Sayoko

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2 Responses to MELO JULIAN (Alaska)

  1. Emily says:

    Ichabod! I never thought I’d see that one used outside of Sleepy Hollow. I’d love to know the story behind Oliver Ichabod Conan.

    Beauregard Richard, Ephraim Samuel, Harper Andrew, Soren Somerset, and Xander Oceanus also caught my eye.

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