Alexander Adair

Alice Vida

Aubrey Kelton (boy)

Bella Evangeline

Boston Grey Erin (boy)

Cambri Nevaeh

Collier Anthony

Dashiell Max

Drew Hazel

Edith Adelaide

Ellie Capri

Emerson Ellis (boy)

Fantasia Shanta

Fred Washington

Gentri Wave (girl)

Gia Juliet

Grayson Ezra

Harper Nancy

Hinton William

Isabel Love

Jack Chester

Jareth Victoria

Jefferson Lee

Journey Brees (girl)

Katherine Milo

Keegan Bryce

Kora Willamena

Larry Conrad

Levi Pressley (girl)

Lois Ruth

Maddox Blaine

Millie Taylor

Nathan Evett

Nicole Beatrice

Nova Elaine

Oliver Ames

Paige Keely

Pierce Josiah

Raleigh Elizabeth

Remington Robert

Satine Ellie

Sebastian Thai

Thatcher Levi

Tressa Marie

Vander Michael

Waverly Olga

William Duke

Winter Ruby

Zade Wilder

Zora Marion

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2 Responses to ALICE VIDA & FRED WASHINGTON (Sunday)

  1. Wow some of these are just … wow. Waverley Olga is such an unusual combination of names, for example. Fantasia Shanta is something I love seeing, and don’t expect to see it again soon.

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