LOTUS & SATINE (Australia)

Amelia Imogen (Toby & Jonathan)

Ashlynn Bea

Benedict Thomas

Billie Anne (Archie & Marli)

Cara Estelle

Colette Anna

Euan Marti

Harriet Isla (Isobel)

Harry Flynn

Hartley Matthew

Hugh Aloysius

Indigo Sofia

Jack Ignatius (Kate, Harry, & Abbi)

Josie Margaret (Pascal & Rohan)

Kalani Hugh

Kip Benjamin

Lotus Pearl (Elijah, Ruby, & Noah)

Lucinda Louise

Millie Laurel

Miranda Bonnie

Otis Michael Harley (James)

Philippa Doris

Poppy Hudson (Jack & Jethro)

Rafferty Joseph

Rory Andres

Satine Chantel Louise

Shakira Elise (Jayden)

Sybella Madeline

Tayla Melinda-Jane (Jayden)

Thomas Yorke (Sophie)


  1. Mathias Clifford & Sebastian William


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3 Responses to LOTUS & SATINE (Australia)

  1. christy says:

    I am looking for a middle name that goes with Jayda

    • Names4Real says:

      How about . . .
      Jayda Katherine
      Jayda Elizabeth
      Jayda Sutton
      Jayda Grace
      Jayda Rose
      Jayda Emily
      Jayda Kelly
      Jayda Finn
      Jayda Greer

      What kind of middle name are you looking for?

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