Ailis Maria (Esme)

Aodhan Nyhan Grey

Anouk Mary Rose

Barney Bill

Constance Rose “Connie”

Cuan Blaise

Dearbhla Mai (Cormac & Daragh)

Don Brinsley (Isabelle & Julia)

Eibhlin Blossom (Stella & Eamon)

Emma Morwenna

Evie Georgia

Florence Grace “Florrie”

Fraser Michael

Freddie Boylan (Charlie)

Guss (Maisie)

Halina Lesley

Harriet Belle

Harry John

Hugh Thomas Aidan

Jago George

James Charles Eoin (Emily)

Katherine Muriel Therese

Lucy Jacinta (Hannah & Cian)

Matilda Breda Marie

Milo Gerard Beckett

Nathan Rufus Vincent

Nicole Saoirse (Ashleigh)

Padraig Eoin (Rory & Daithi)

Pippa Annabella

Rachel Tess  (Michael & Jack)

Rafe Alan

Rosa Nora Elizabeth

Sadie Aoife

Saorla Kathleen

Senan Fryst

Simon Desmond

Susanna Ailie Kathryn

Walter Cornelius Peter


Archibald Peregrine & Matilda Alice

Clodagh & Ronan

Enda & Sophie

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3 Responses to ANOUK MARY ROSE (Ireland)

  1. Emily says:

    I’ve recently come to adore Harriet, even though it receives mostly negative reviews on Nameberry. It’s popular in the UK, though! Perhaps it’s only a matter of time…

    Nathan Rufus Vincent, Walter Cornelius Peter, and twins Archibald Peregrine & Matilda Alice are my favorites here.

  2. Skizzo says:

    Archibald has got to be the ugliest name ever.

  3. A lot of these names seem quite familiar to me; they wouldn’t be out of place here.

    I love Constance Rose, Harriet Belle, and the twins Archibald Peregrine and Matilda Alice, and Barney Bill is just adorable, although it does sound a bit like Barnacle Bill.

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